From the President/CEO and Chairperson


From the President/CEO and Chairperson
Diane L. McCall & Alma Handy-Simmons

This year, Wayne Center proudly celebrates 43 years of providing quality services and supports to persons with developmental disabilities. As we reflect back upon our history, we realize many things have changed; yet some others remain the same. In 1973, Wayne Center’s focus was on the development of transitional residential programs for individuals who moved from the State’s institutions back to community settings.  Foster family care and large group homes were established. The Agency then moved on to develop smaller residential settings for children and adults who moved from their family homes to alternative settings.

Today, Wayne Center provides services and supports coordination to more than 800 individuals, ranging in age from three months to 85 years. Placement efforts now primarily focus on individuals who are in community hospitals and family homes. Additionally, we are actively participating in the placement of individuals out of the last State facility for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Throughout our history, we have not allowed challenges or the current difficult economic environment to impair our ability to achieve our goals and our commitment to quality.  Wayne Center has received six consecutive three-year CARF accreditations. This year we also received a 97%, the highest score in the county during the State Medicaid review of the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority.  Our outstanding performance on all of our audits and surveys can be attributed to our partnership with  very special employees and providers whose talents, enthusiasm and dedication are exemplary.

As always, the efforts of the Wayne Center Board of Directors, staff, funders, subcontractors and other stakeholders are greatly appreciated as they work tirelessly on  behalf of our consumers. We look forward to the upcoming year as we expand our work with Foster Family Care and children in partnership with the Michigan Department of Human Services in addition to our work with the Integrated Care Alliance, LLC and Consumer Link Network.


Consumer's Column

On Their Own 

It makes a lot sense, when you consider it. To find out what quality of life developmentally disabled individuals desire,ask  them. This  is  the  philosophy  behind  Person-Centered  Planning, a successful program that helps consumes establish the lifestyles they dream of having.


This article profiles three people who have benefitted greatly from both Person-Centered Planning and SIL-Lonna Thomas, Sherry Backhaus and Larry Ebbing. They are able to live in their own apartments, maintain jobs and plan for the future. Theirs are remarkable stories, full of hope, determination and inspiration for all.

Lonna Thomas

Age: 57           Disability: Cerebral Palsy    

Place of Residence: Lonna spent time in Garden City Hospital after suffering a bad fall. she decided to seek placement with Wayne. Because of her condition, a 6-month placement process was narrowed to 2-months. The SIL Program was able to Find her a wheelchair-accessible apartment.

Time in Appartment: 2 yers. Assistance: Dan Lawrence, Wayne Center, and direct care providers from Lutheran Social Services.

The Future: “I love it, I’d like to help people out.”

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