Foster Parenting

Wayne Center's Written Needs Statement

(DSS R.400.6303)

Wayne Center is licensed by the Department of Social Services to certify foster care homes, under the provisions of P.A. 116,1974, for one to four children, 0-18 years of age. Foster homes are certified and licensed to assure above minimum standards and to protect the welfare of children and youth placed in them. There are also specific Department of Mental Health, Community Mental Health, and Department of Social Services contractual requirements that the program must comply with, as well as the inter-agency mandates. There are specific requirements governing such areas as environmental conditions, sanitation, and most important, the ability, responsibilities, and characteristics of foster parents and their household members.

We are seeking foster parents with previous experience with persons who have a developmental disability and/or expertise in related areas, e.g., medical, educational, social work, psychological, etc.

To meet licensing requirements and to provide proper care to the clients we serve; foster parents must be willing and able to participate in extensive training on an ongoing basis.

The emphasis in the foster home is on having the child participate in a program designed to meet his/her special needs while providing the child with family and community living experiences. In essence, we are seeking foster parents who, in addition to providing a wholesome family-centered environment, can teach specialized programming skills in basic self care, advanced daily living, socialization, etc., to children placed in their care. There is also an increasing need for foster parents who are capable of working with children who are profoundly impaired, medically fragile or children who display severe behavioral and emotional problems. Presently the foster parents must complete orientation and training sessions before recommendation for licensure. After licensure, foster parents are expected to participate in the on-going, vast array of training opportunities offered throughout Wayne County by the Foster Parent Training Coalition, of which Wayne Center is an active participant. A written foster care agreement has been established between the contracted foster care providers and Wayne Center. The purpose of this agreement is to clarify the respective responsibilities of Wayne Center and their foster parents. Additionally, there is a written contract that outlines expectations that the home provider will adhere to in respect to the specialized training areas identified for the child. The contract is reviewed and/or renewed on an annual basis.

What are the Qualifications of Foster Care Providers?

Persons who apply for this program must be residents of Wayne County between the ages of 18 and 65, and in good physical and mental health. They must have a steady source of income other than the income provided by the foster care program. Individuals are not prohibited from working full-time outside the home as long as there is an appropriate care plan for the hours they are absent. Single persons are eligible for this program.All foster parents are required to identify another responsible adult to serve in their absence. Previous human service experience is beneficial. Training is provided to assist applicants for their role as foster parents. Skills in the areas of parenting, teaching, record-keeping, budgeting and written communication are important.

Steps in Becoming a Foster Care Home

Families who express an interest in becoming involved in the Wayne Center foster parenting program undergo an initial screening. During this time, the Wayne Center home developer will evaluate whether the family is appropriate for and meets the basic requirements of the foster parent program.

The screening and licensing process for becoming a foster care home takes approximately six to nine months. The major steps in this process are:

  1. Mandatory attendance is required at an orientation meeting explaining Wayne Center’s program, family needs and the rules and regulations under which the center operates.

  2. An initial home visit will be made by a Wayne Center home developer. Family members will be met, the program will be explained and the home will be inspected to determine its compliance with the licensing and Community Mental Health regulations.

  3. The family will be requested to complete various applications and forms.

  4. Personal references will be requested. At least three favorable responses are required.

  5. Fire and safety inspections will be made by the fire/safety inspector and when applicable, the public health department.

  6. A Licensing Record Clearance Form will be used to determine prior criminal convictions and/or substantiated child abuse or neglect.

  7. The family’s source and amount of income will be verified.

  8. All persons residing in the home will be interviewed and a personal history obtained.

  9. Physical examinations and TB tests are required for all family members.

  10. Follow-up visits will be made by the Wayne Center foster home developer for further discussion of the program as well as the type of client that would be appropriate for the foster home.

  11. At least one adult member of the applicant’s family must attend the 40-hour training series. Training is provided by Wayne Center.

  12. After it has been determined that the family and home meet the needs of the program, the foster family will be certified for licensure.

  13. The foster family is referred to the Placement Review Committee (PRC) which, with the Interdisciplinary Team, will select a resident who best matches the expressed preferences of the foster family.

  14. The foster family will meet the resident and the natural family and/or legal guardian.

  15. Placement visitation(s) will take place prior to permanent placement in the foster home.

  16. The placement will be made when the foster child, foster family, natural parent, and/or guardian and Wayne Center staff have reached agreement. The appropriate school program will be arranged at the time of placement.

After placement of the foster child, the case manager and psychologist (clinical support team) will provide ongoing support services to the foster child and the foster family.

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